Dusk Dining Co. Menus

Front cover, folded.

I had a great process critique last Thursday. For the crit. I presented my food and drink menus (as well as coasters that I’ll picture later!) and got some incredible feedback. In the next few days the menus will be taking a different form: they’ll be separated so the drink menu will sit on the table at all times. I was originally going to have table tents take that place but in thinking about the mood of my restaurant, I didn’t think table tents matched with an up-scale theme.

The biggest challenge I’m having so far is how I can push these designs to take an even riskier form. I’m loving the watercolor that I’ve been doing for the designs (and that it takes my process off of the computer a little bit!) and working with the sky theme, but I feel like the format of the menu could be even less “menu-like” than I have it currently. Just removing a section in the middle to hint at a moon isn’t enough. Granted, I really like what kind of shapes I can make with the type with the removal of that space.

Here are the preliminary mock-ups that I presented for critique.

Detail shot of the front cover


Inside spread with the drink menu removed separately


Back cover and reverse side of the drink menu