My Design Process: Final

For my design process project (which had to be an 18×24 inch poster) I decided to make an infographic. I like to quantify and put numbers to a lot of the things in life that are intangible. That includes the amount of time spend during each phase of my design process.

My early sketches involved the icons, curved lines, same color palette, tooltips and graph. I was really excited by the curved lines. Those took a lot of time to perfect to make them look natural enough. (Believe it or not, curved lines are REALLY hard to do! Illustrator helps a lot, that’s for sure.) All of these comps were done in Illustrator, including the final version. The following three designs were presented on the same day.

The first idea (left) was a little bit too stagnant. The piece was lacking movement – although the graph was well-received.

The second design exhibited the color palette more but the circular chart in the middle took up too much space, especially for only displaying such a small piece of information.

The third design incorporated very flowy lines that gave this composition the most movement out of the three. I was probably the most attached to this version. I received a helpful tip to combine some of the elements that worked well in the first round. So I did.

And the final! Printed on high quality matte – 18 x 24 inches.