My Design Process: Part Two

Meta Design by Christina Beard

I really like this infographic about Christina Beard’s design process. Her process looks a lot like mine – showing a great progression from brainstorming, researching, sketching, comps, feedback, comps, to the final version where there is also a final crit! I think this infographic does a really great job of organizing data and presenting it in different forms (pie chart, bar graph, percents) so it’s exciting to read and easy to follow.

I’m not a huge fan of the colors, I will say, and I think that the header design is lacking, (she probably put all of her effort into the infographics and had to add the header as a last touch) but it gets the job done. I’m not sure yet how I’m going to be presenting my design process.

I really like the idea of icons though, and in thinking about this project I immediately thought of them. I think I’ll create some universal icons in Illustrator (pencil = writing, thought bubble = brainstorming, etc.) so that I can eliminate the need for a key and the information can just completely take over the poster. Visually, I think keys tend to get in the way. If there’s presented well, they can be stunning, but often times they’re squeezed in wherever they can fit. Plus, if my information is comprehensible without needing to guide my audience, that’s good, right?