Pinspiration: Apex by Lisi Design

Apex by Lisi Design

For my thesis, I’m branding a restaurant from the ground up. My fictitious restaurant is going to be up-scale and elegant. Because of my theme, I’ve been keeping my eyes out for packaging or other design that looks like it’s high-end instead of bargain. I think what makes this vitamin packaging look expensive is that the color scheme strays from typical vitamin packaging. Most vitamins that I come across are packaged in a white opaque bottle and typeset with large black text. If there are any colors added to the package, it’s usually either red or blue.

This design by Lisi Design introduces a whole new color palette to the vitamin packaging world. It looks like a lot of consideration went into the design as well as maintaining a concrete brand across multiple products. The logo can be seen at the top right of each bottle, yet there’s a colorful circle with a symbol in the top left. The designer carefully crafted the outlined circle as part of the visual identity system and it works well – the logo can afford to be smaller because the more interesting shape acts as a unifying element.