Pinspiration: Edward Pond’s Creative Chef by Tyler Adam Smith

Edward Pond’s Creative Chef by designer¬†Tyler Adams Smith

I love the simplicity of this design. I describe my design style as simple, minimalist, and clean – much like the aesthetics of this award book. The full-bleed photo on the left reminds me of the cookbook that I designed last semester for Design Core Studio, one of my favorite portfolio pieces.

I think the most brilliant part of the design is the use of space on the right page of the spread. Smith used about 50% of the space on the page and left large margins on all four sides of the design. In my cookbook, I filled almost all of the space. I think the information is much more clearly represented here, and in a daring way.

An important part of my thesis is to explore texture: the texture of specialty papers in addition to the illusion of texture by using patterns of ink on paper. The texture created using the blue and red ink is successful. It acts as a border but also adds visual interest to the page – adding a perceived depth.