Alternative Grids: X / X / I by Deutsche und Japaner

X / I / I by Deutsche und Japaner

The typography featured in Deutsche und Japaner’s book is very minimalistic but incredibly gorgeous. The title, TENWORDSANDONESHOT is spaced out vertically – parallel to the spine, but the readability of the title is the least important feature of it, in fact, I didn’t even think the letters spelled anything until I read the name of the title in a blurb about the book. I’m more attracted to the movement that is achieved. The artists were able to mimic the action of falling, almost like water falls from a faucet. My eye follows the composition from the left to right, form the top to the bottom – the visual hierarchy starting with the X / I volume number and then to the smaller letters.

The scale is also important here as it also impacts the hierarchy. My favorite part about the cover is the ability of the artists to bring in scale – the juxtaposition of the volume number and the book title, without even needing to make any of the text huge. The spacing of the letters in the title also makes them look smaller and lighter in value.

The balance of the type to the white space is visually appealing. The type takes up a little bit less than half of the cover, not only creating the illusion of a line, but also really activating the white space. It’s equally as important to the composition.