Portland Pirates 20th season logo press release

Last semester, my Design Workshop class was presented with the amazing opportunity to design the Portland Pirates 20th season logo. This was huge. They’re the Portland Pirates! We had been looking forward to working on the project all semester and finally, after we finished up with our first, we got to travel (next door) to the Cumberland County Civic Center and engage them with a project launch meeting.

They actually had a lot to say. Brian Petrovek, CEO and owner of the team, lead the discussion. They presented us with a page of other sports-related anniversary logos and discussed what they liked and didn’t like about each. It was incredible to hear what they understood the Portland Pirates team to be and mean.

The first game of the 2011–2012 season.

The class at the game. Missing: Scott, Alyssa & Sheyenne

Based off of the introductory meeting as well as two Pirates games, we were able to create tons and tons of logos. The first critique with Brian involved narrowing down the 20+ logos to 6 possible solutions. The six selected logos easily fit into two groups: one theme was that of a flag, the other incorporated the idea of the center-ring circle.

The class split into two and developed the logos even further, merging each group of three into one final solution. When it came time to present to Brian and the Pirates, we were excited and had put hours and hours of work into the development of the two final logos.

The room neatly prepared for the final critique.

The critique went very well. Brian loved both logos and decided to take them back to get more opinions. It took a couple of months before they settled on the final – the flag! Just yesterday, Brian came into Maine College of Art to announce on television the official release of the 20th season logo. We were honored to have been a part of the whole experience and to have provided the Portland Pirates with a logo that marks such an important event!

Brian Petrovek speaking about the new anniversary logo

The class. Missing: Rachel & Chris

And here’s the news report from WGME13 – Jeff Drumm was nice enough to record, export, cut, and upload the video for me!