Sprinting with Type

Since the beginning of the semester, we’ve been working on a “sprinting” project in my Publishing Lab class. What is “sprinting,” exactly? Well, for our purposes, it’s the creation of many, many, many typographic compositions, spending 30 minutes on each. Of course by the end of the project, we’d gone back to spruce up some of the older ones that we liked. I used Helvetica Neue from start to end. I’m not a huge fan of the typeface, but it has a lot of different weights and is a really simple sans-serif font. (Though I do love its ultra-light and condensed-bold weights!)

To start, we could only work on the x/y axis: no diagonals, no color and restrictions on the number of font sizes we could use. The parameters became more open as the weeks went on and eventually we could work with color, which was when the compositions really got interesting. (And beautiful!)

Have a look at my final process book. It documents all of the spreads that I created chronologically as well as the final eight that I chose for a printed booklet and photos of the book itself.

The content is from a series of missed connections from Craigslist posts in Georgia, Louisiana, and Maine. Enjoy my sprinting typography!